Tiny Artist: Clarabelle

Age: 9

Personality: Soft, caring, loves people, very kind and a dreamer

Favourite foods: Lasagne and pizza

Interests: Animals and art

Hobbies: Loves going to the sea, being in the mountains and hiking

Movies: Forrest Gump, Invictus, Lion King

Tiny Artist: Ella-Marie

Age: 8

Personality: Creative, bubbly, beautiful heart with energy and

passion for life - she appreciates the small things

Favourite foods: Sushi & Spag Bol

Interests: Ballet, Netball, art and being crafty

Hobbies: Art, playing outside, cycling & baking

Movies: Peter Rabbit and Christmas Chronicles

Tiny Artist: Anna Maria

Age: 13

Favourite foods: Ice-cream, sandwiches & pizza

Interests: Horses, reading & writing

Hobbies: Horse riding & gaming

Tiny Artist: Felix

Age: 6

Hobbies: Lego and drawing

Favourite foods: Mussels and lasagna

Interests: Dinosaurs, Asterix & Obelix, Romans

TV shows: Wild Kratts

Tiny Artist: Wren

Age: 4

Hobbies: Drawing and playing with tiny toys

Favourite foods: Spaghetti & tomato sauce with everything!

Interests: Rainbows, rainbows, rainbows (and fairies)

TV shows: Shaun the Sheep

Tiny Artist: Rosalie

Age: 10

Hobbies: Climbing trees, swimming, Hip-Hop, acrobatics & horse riding

Favourite foods: Watermelon, pizza, pasta & ice cream

Interests: Slime, dogs, horses, arts & crafts

TV shows: Tad: The Lost Explorer

Tiny Artist: Mia L.

Tiny Artist: Juan L.

Tiny Artist: Michelle

Age: 11

Hobbies: Painting, swimming and horse riding

Favourite foods: Lasagne and PIZZA!

Interests: Horses, dogs and stories

TV shows: Paw Patrol

Age: 12

Hobbies: Creating art & doing some reading

Favourite foods: Apples & ice-cream

Interests: Dogs, tennis, swimming & playing in the pool

TV shows: Highschool Musical

Age: 10

Hobbies: Science experiments

Favourite foods: Anything spicy!

Interests: Reading, tennis, Xbox, swimming & pets

Tiny Artist: Adriaan

Age: 11

Hobbies: Climbing, swimming, target shooting, hunting, cycling & lego

Favourite foods: Banana & peanut butter sandwiches, avocado, cheese,

coffee and pancakes

Interests: Obstacle courses, adventures, tracking, animals, ice-skating 

& science

Tiny Artist: Lienka

Age: 10

Hobbies: Art, hockey, reading & swimming

Favourite foods: Burgers, pizza, tuna salad and sweet fruits

Interests: Music, animals, friends & family

TV shows: Liv and Maddie, Jessie & Bunk'd

Tiny Artist: Carli

Age: 7.5

Hobbies: Painting, colouring-in, swimming, photography & playing the piano

Favourite foods: Spaghetti bolognese, cupcakes & strawberries with cheese

Interests: Horses, butterflies & music

Tiny Artist: Sumari

Age: 9

Personality: Sparkling kid who absolutely loves camping and the outside. She loves people and chatting up a storm!

Hobbies: Horse riding, anything to do with art, going on holiday, swimming, hockey and tennis

Favourite foods: Pizza, lasagna, vetkoek & pancakes

Interests: She likes all the animals, slime and to make something out of nothing!

Movies: Chestnut, Sergeant Stubby, The Greatest Showman, Big Foot & The Flintsones

Tiny Artist: Ayden

Age: 8

Hobbies: Climbing trees, paintball, rock climbing & playing chess

Favourite foods: Oreo McFlurry, pancakes, spinach & prawns

Interests: Gold panning, archaeology & history

Movies: Indiana Jones, Tintin, The Gods Must Be Crazy & Transformers

Tiny Artist: Anouk

Age: 5

Hobbies: Being a funny bunny, painting & ice skating

Favourite foods: Raw paprika, olives & spaghetti bolognese

Interests: Snails & bugs, slime, potions & bath bombs

Movies: Fantastic Mr. Fox, Amelie, Ponyo & Zootopia

Tiny Artist: Mian

Age: 7

Hobbies: Colouring in with my brother and sister, buildings tents & practicing to be the strongest man in the world!

Favourite foods: Calamari, Hawaiian pizza, fish fingers & waffles with ice-cream

Interests: Rugby, Judo, creating & camping

TV series: National Geographic, How to Train Your Dragon & Skylanders

Tiny Artist: Benita

Age: 11

Hobbies: Art, netball & reading

Favourite foods: Noodles, pizza & chicken

Interests: Top Model books, crystals, rocks & art

TV series: Naruto, Boruto & Fairy Tail

Tiny Artist: Nadia

Age: 8

Hobbies: Sketching, singing & reading

Favourite foods: Lasagna, pizza & chicken nuggets

Interests: Art, choir & all the animals in the whole world

TV series: Spongebob & Brain Games

Tiny Artist: Annabelle "van Gogh"

Age: 11

Favourite animal: Mongoose

Ultimate meal: My dad's tuna pasta

Interests: Stargazing, playing with Bruce (our Great Dane), building tree houses with my sisters

TV series: Anne with an "E"

Favourite colour: Blue 

Tiny Artist: Lynette

Age: 10

Favourite foods: Fruit, chocolate and pizza!

Hobbies: Piano, ballet, reading, art, netball & swimming

Interests: Architecture, Lego & Meccano

TV shows: Mr Bean, Jessie & The Loud House

Favourite movies: Ballerina, Night at the Museum & Tangled

Tiny Artist: Souri

Age: 8

Favourite foods: PASTA! Lasagna, Mac n Cheese, Spaghetti Bolognese

Hobbies: Art, ballet, drama, dance & listening to music. All things arty!

Interests: Going to the farm, wildlife and bird watching

Tiny Artist: Wilandré

Age: 7

Favourite foods: Sushi (Salmon Sashimi specifically) and then any kind of pizza of course

Games: Lego is his ultimate, as well as anything regarding a superhero

Activities: He swims, plays rugby, cricket and totally loves chess

Tiny Artist: Nathan

Age: 11

Favourite bands: KISS, Ramones & AC DC

TV games: Minecraft, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Cart

Hobbies: Arts & Crafts, hockey, paintball & guitar

TV shows: Regular Show, Oggy & the Cockroaches & Adventure Time

Tiny Artist: Isabella

Age: 10

Interests: Painting like Frida Kahlo, cooking up a storm to impress Jamie Oliver, Masterchef

Favourite foods: Seafood for breakfast, lunch & supper

Hobbies: Reading "The Whimpy Kid" and art class with her favourite teacher

Tiny Artist: Christiaan

Age: 7

Interests: Monster trucks, Paper planes and Trains

Favourite foods: Pasta, Fish sticks and Salami Pizza

Hobbies: Tennis, Cricket, Gholf en hy is Frizbee se baas

TV Shows: He-Man, Turtles and Angry Birds


Tiny Artist: Emma

Age: 9

Nickname: Uno Marshmallow

Personality: Sweet and sunny and also very funny.

Favourite foods: Croissants and marshmallows

Hobbies: She's a maker. She loves art and crafts. She is a ballerina, a

dreamer and a painter.

When she grows up she wants to be either a unicorn or a pediatrician.

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