This week's piece

Isabella Wilson 2017 (Final Edit).jpg

Tiny Artist: Isabella W

Artist age: 9

Title: Under Our African Sky

Price: R390 - R590


Browse the selection of works by the Tiny Artists. A new art work will be uploaded every Wednesday, please swing by and have a look.


Each piece of artwork is printed on 200gsm Felix Schoeller True Fibre paper, professionally packaged and then delivered to your doorstep. 

Meet the Tiny Artists

Discover the young and talented artists behind the featured artworks.

While I guide them and teach them techniques, each artists portrays their own individual style and creativity to their work.


Tiny Artists is a platform where kids’ art can be exhibited & sold to the public

What's this all about?

Hi there! My name is Ulrike & I teach kids how to make cool artworks!


Tiny Artists is a platform where kids’ art can be viewed & purchased.


The process of Tiny Artists:


  • An artwork is selected to (hopefully) become a part of the Tiny Artists platform.

  • I approach the parents & kids about the relevant artwork.

  • Once given permission by the Tiny Artist & their parents, I encourage them to open a bank account for their child.

  • A percentage of the profit of each print sale will go the relevant artist.



Children’s art should play a larger role in the world, that’s what Tiny Artists aims to achieve. Support the kiddos!


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